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A garage door spring is a commonly ignored, yet relatively integral part of any garage door system; depending on its classification as a tension or extension spring, garage door springs are commonly attached either above or below your garage door, and typically take the brunt of the weight of a garage door as it opens or closes. And with the full force of the garage door leveraged on one simple spring, it comes as no surprise that the garage door spring is perhaps one of the most readily replaced components in the garage door system, with many often having to replace them every couple of years.

But replacing a garage spring is a task that should never be attempted by any layman; a large amount of tension is naturally inherent in the compressed garage door spring, and the dangers of a snapping or snapped garage spring far outweigh any possible cost savings you might foresee in attempting what appears to be a simple DIY job. Don’t endanger your life; call Surprise Garage Door Spring, and let us take care of your faulty garage door spring for you today!

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At Surprise Garage Door Repair, we assure you that you will receive only the best garage door springs available, tested for stability and longevity to ensure that your garage door remains safe from breaking or suddenly falling for years to come. We strive to provide only the best garage door springs and smoothest garage door spring installations to our esteemed clientele here in Surprise, Phoenix, providing them with long-term protection against broken and snapped garage door springs. Surprise Garage Door Repair understands how a simple garage door spring might compromise the entire garage door when it causes the door to crash upon the ground; and because of that, we look only to provide the best installation and maintenance possible for garage door springs, in order to prevent such a dire scene from ever occurring here in Surprise, AZ.

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So why risk a faulty garage door spring? Call Surprise Garage Door Repair today for the best garage door springs in Surprise, AZ!